Saturday, April 23, 2016

WDT: Trump tells Connecticut voters he’s “not toning it down”

   Donald Trump has toned it down but to sanitize his rallies to the point the media wants is not happening. 

    This just in....People who attend political rallies enjoy some red meat...So they want to hear him say "lyin' Ted"  or "get 'em out of here."

     Upcoming policy speeches and less displays of Trump Beef or Trump Wine are appropriate, but watering down the rallies to satisfy the dainty and the sensitive is not where he needs to be.

     To the extent possible, you have to dance with the one you came with.

Watertown Daily Times | Trump tells Connecticut voters he’s “not toning it down”

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Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The Trump Show - Act III - now in progress ... exit stage right ...

What a phony prick. Only one day and he flip flops (again).

More Details Here.

Trump's campaign manager says he is just acting And, he will change later to please RNC members