Thursday, April 21, 2016

WDT: Taking Off On the Clintons

      This op/ed from the second floor at 260 really takes some shots at the Clintons and suggests Senator Gillibrand is a phony for her indignation with sexual predation in the military while publicly hugging Bill Clinton in Watertown last Saturday.
WDT Photo

        It was not a formal editorial but still pretty pointed and unusual because the people attacked may be seen as essential to Fort Drum. Can't wait to read Jerry's editorial in the fall endorsing The Donald.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing when the WDT ran the photo of Sean Hennessey handing out buttons.

It's all about politics and nothing about principle.

A man (or a woman) has to stand for SOMETHING (unless, I guess, it stands in their way of getting ahead).

And both parties, GOP and Dems, are guilty...

Anonymous said...

Clinton's have always amazed me also. I understand both parties have double standards and treat their own with kid gloves. But to fawn over Clinton after all the allegations - may of which he admitted just baffles me. He admitted to having sexual relations with an intern, how many men have been taken down after sexually victimizing women under their authority. And then Hillary Clinton beats up on the women calling them liars, opportunist etc. You would think you would hear an apology after Bill admitted his infidelity - no the women are left out in the wastelands battered and destroyed all to help the Clinton empire grow.

Anonymous said...

She is a real phony and he is has gotten away with preying on females as far back as is college days and yet these enlightened feminist don't say a word. Gillibrand is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

He is nothing but a pitiful sleezy dirty old man, look at his face, getting a freebie feel up by maybe (not sure white female hetrosexual).You have to stop and wonder at this point why Gillibrand hates all white men. Maybe someone should look into that.

This is what the War On women within the Democrat Party have to endure, being manhandled still by now creepy old men and can't say a thing about it.

Thank you Jerry for having the guts to speak up about this issue when the women in your own party do not have the courage. We all cringe when it comes to either Bill or Hillary. Some day they will be held to account and have to answer to the country for what they have done to America.

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting pair!
I know quite a number of very well educated people who support them, for the life of me I can't understand why.