Saturday, April 16, 2016

WDT: Some in Media Ignore the Doughnut in Search of the Hole

   True colors showed in this stab at journalism as the first several paragraphs were spent on a lame group of protestors who just wanted to be on TV.  It was an inconsequential moment but it was the lead in this on line accounting of the Trump rally.
    Times brass had attended the John Kasich rally the day before and declared the Ohio Governor a big NNY hit. Accounts of the Kasich remarks about college coeds were decried as "bulls---."
     Donald Trumps speech was top notch and didn't fit the narrative built for him by the lame stream media.
     There was no animus at the event. It was well organized and Mr. Trump's remarks from trade to Fort Drum were well received.
      Outside the event, vendors did a brisk business in Trump apparel. In fact the troupe of entrepreneurs were of color and very happy with their association with the Mr. Trump who some media continue to label as racist.
     A large group of volunteers helped with parking and welcoming people who came from near and far. I saw a set of plates from Quebec.
     There were many stories to be told from this event including Mr. Trump mingling and signing autographs and the many people who stayed and watched the runway just to wave good by when he left.
     Yes, there were four idiots who were smirking as they left figuring someone would bite at their nonsense. Someone did.
Watertown Daily Times | Protestors booted from Donald Trump rally in Watertown (VIDEO)

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the "shrimp protestors" are even old enough to vote. Can't decide which is more absurd, and pathetic. The WDT's even giving this a mention, or the so-called 'protestors' themselves. Sad. Very sad.