Saturday, April 30, 2016

WDT: Perry Says The Big County's Justice System in Question

         Mary Rain, the years-old Hillary prosecution, the three strikes and you're acquitted Oxley case, the gal tased, and the elderly good Samaritans beat up by the border patrol.
        Now there's talk of over the top guards at the prison in Ogdensburg.
         All the roadblocks for no reason other than it's good for the time card.
         There are lots of things for Perry to be worried about.
Watertown Daily Times | A justice system in question


Anonymous said...

Don't forget all those spy cameras on the telephone poles that pAddie Ritchie got a grant for. Don't forget the crooked cops in Ogdensburg. Don't forget the DWI DA. Don't forget about the cops in Gouverneur who claimed the troopers were targeting their city. didn't that city have an incident with a cop bringing his gun to the village board when they were doing manpower cuts back in the 2000 era? Yup, the Big RINO county is a bunch of inbreds and the dumber ones are profess-ors.

Anonymous said...

I wont comment on anything but the OCF guards and their violence... It goes on and wont quit until the prison does its job and investigates.. Michael Powers the president of the fantastic NYSCOPBA is a liar in some of his comments and has stood as a liar in his real life.. You dont protect these a--holes you tell them one more occurance and there on their own.. But no until someone stands up to this.. Powers himself used to create situations against inmates and then get physical.. Mr Big body builder himself was accused of beating his wife years ago and the PD in Ogdensburg helped him cover it somewhat.. His own memebers know his history.

Anonymous said...

That ocf story was a piece if shit and the times should be embarrasses. "Ralph" an anonymous repeat felon says he got roughed up but admits no visible injuries. An official probe finds no wrongdoing. But the times runs 1000 words on it anyway?