Saturday, April 23, 2016

WDT: Perry Parses the Primary

   In the longtime citadel of sensible center, RINOism, there is much pining in the analysis piece about the primary where Perry gets wistful over NNYs rejection of John Kasich, a man they feel is in the mold of former Rep. John McHugh.
    He did catch the dichotomy most Hillary-mania national media missed.  Her 300K margin was generated against the tide of 52 counties that went for Senator Bernie Sanders.
Watertown Daily Times | Parsing the primary


Anonymous said...

McHugh was a demagogue populist.

Anonymous said...

You have to give Perry credit for being the liberal fool he is consistently. Leave it to a hopey changey guy like Perry to point his finger at Trump and declare he has no substance, as Perry has three fingers pointing back at himself. And it is only frosting on the cake to tell us we are a purple district up here and Kasich is purple but not notice that Trump is purple.

I love to hear these Bernie supporters complain about the fact that votes are counted instead of square miles being counted. This is a revelation?

Kasich made the choice to behave like a weakling and that didn't work for him and it didn't work for Mittens. It was obvious that Trump was popular because he made it clear that he had some fight in him. Kasich also made the choice to support 100% amnesty. As well as take the Obamacare bribe for his state, thus flooding his state with more medicaid enrollees, which will be next to impossible to undo. And that is considered "moderate" by Perry? What a weird perspective he has, even for a liberal newspaper editor.

Anonymous said...

He was also a successful advocate for his district. What about Martin and McEwen before him? Also populist demagogues as well?