Sunday, April 17, 2016

WDT: No Endorsements

   The political establishment, what there is of it up here, has been reluctant with endorsements or being seen at the wrong place with the wrong person.
   Maybe because they are wary that the great unwashed are tired of them and will not listen to them.  At the Trump rally, one powerful county legislature and his wife were signed up to meet The Donald but didn't show...the county chair passed too.
    Even the local paper demurred and just urged people to vote.
    In another era Hillary Clinton and John Kasich would be the choice of NNY's cloth coat Democrats and Republicans. Today not so, and the establishment doesn't want to get on the wrong side of a cranky electorate.
Watertown Daily Times | In the spotlight: North country voters respond to attention shown by candidates


Anonymous said...

Big mistake for GOP chairman and committee for not at least showing up for The NYS home candidate who is leading in state and country Real classless low lives. The whole committee should resign

Anonymous said...

Watertown Daily Times has lost it's Tongue.

Silence is Golden. They can't be wrong now.