Saturday, April 23, 2016

WDT: Derrick Must Have Voted for Bernie Because He Acts the Part

   Democrat for Congress Michael Derrick doesn't have a trust fund bride, but he has raised some money and in joining the picket line in Plattsburgh with Verizon workers, he was able to pitch for votes and point out his opponent received a donation from the phone giant.
     Mr. Derrick is a decided underdog against Rep.Elise Stefanik, who is popular, has worked hard and has lots of campaign cash in the tradition of what DC people are able to do.
     Mr. Derrick is also a convincing speaker on issues like the military and foreign affairs.
     This year has proven that money spent is not the only barometer of success and the rhetoric doesn't favor the notion of boasting about how much is raised.
      I think Rep. Stefanik should and will win a second term as she has earned it, but I wouldn't dismiss Mr. Derrick out of hand as this is a year when politics as usual is not gone but its not admired.
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Anonymous said...

Obviously she can't dismiss him completely. The nature of elections is that you have to get voted in and she will have to accomplish that again. But for all practical intents and purposes, she can dismiss him. she is going to mop the floor with him, even more so than she did with Wolfie.

Although it would be funny if she pulled what Obama did and got her opponent thrown off the ballot.

In order to express how committed your thoughts are on this topic, I think you should predict how much she is going to win by. You make it sound like it will be closer than a comfortable win. I don't think that is the case, by any stretch.

Jeff Graham said...


Anonymous said...

If he can get a conservative message out, she can be beaten

Anonymous said...

Since when does a Democrat send out a sincere conservative message, 4:07. Are you doing that Prince stuff? Let's see, unions are always completely right, let thugs out of prison, let terrorists go free, raise taxes, remove all deterrent to illegal voting, remove all deterrent to illegal immigration, FreeStuff, more FreeStuff, take away your gun rights because blacks kill each other in Chi-town, no coal, no gas, no drilling, Landrovers and Volvos, tell kids what to eat in school, screw the elderly while fully funding the importation of young male "refugees", suck any part of izlam that needs or wants sucking, avoid the use of the work terrorists, run up a $19 TRILLION debt(that's 19,000,000,000,000 for those with education degrees), weaken the military, and apologize for anything this nation has done that soaks today's liberal panties. Yes, by all means. Here's hoping he can get out a conservative message, as it were.

Anonymous said...

Always the meandering, nonsensical posts from 615. You contradict yourself in the first few sentences. Sad. I feel sorry for you, I really do.
But as for screwing the elderly, or the entire working class for that matter, that'd be Harvard.
You remember her wanting to "privatize" and "modernize" S.S.? Yeah, that'd mean less going to me and mine in the end.
No thank you.