Sunday, April 10, 2016

WDT: Dem Claims GOP Rift Helps Him

   The long shot Democrat running for the NY21 seat in Congress tells the WDT he hopes the tumultuous GOP Presidential race helps his chances against Rep. Elise Stefanik.
    While taking time to tell the local press czars about his platform, Michael Derrick took some shots at Ms. Stefanik's votes on environmental issues and touted his own familiarity with the military after a long career as an officer.
     The GOP race for the White House is causing a schism, but there is one in the Democratic Party too and so far Mr. Derrick has not taken sides publicly.
     This is not a year when political prowess and connections carry a premium, so taking sides carries risks compared to just a few months ago when siding with a candidate like Jeb! or Hillary Clinton seemed a safe harbor.
     Now both parties have widely disliked front runners.  Strange year and April 19 is a date down- ballot Republcans would seem to want to see come and go.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate his military background. That is what is needed for Fort Drum. He has my vote.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a plant by the republican establishment.
It is impossible to beat Stefanik in this district. Even Obama or Hillary couldn't win if they were running against her.

Anonymous said...

5:52 He was a career paper pusher. Always a loyal Democrat and one that had to change party affiliation to be the Rino, Independent, Rino, Not affiliated and now Democrat which served his career just fine.

He will never get the boots on the ground vote.

Need look no further than his environmental issue activism, yeah Al Gore disciple.

ray lear said...

Not going to waste to much time on who gets the chance to run this time. Popular vote means nothing, people who are in the party are nothing, and everything is set up years ahead of time. It was Barry's shot the last two times, now a Clinton is hand picked from the vine. Same over on the Rep side. Someone other than the party members already has made the choice. I know people are to weak to follow through. But next election the people need to send a message. Write in your real choice in November. Won't happen, it should.

Anonymous said...

Derrick should worry more about the fracture within his own party. It is getting down right nasty between Bernie and Clinton. Is he supporting the communist/socialist or the lying failure of the Obahama administration which with Hillary will be Obama's third turn. Now Bernie is saying Hillary is unqualified. Ooops.

Stefanik can have her pick, the national security threat, the economy, the downsizing of the military, underemployment, Obamacare. I am looking forward to the ads targeting Derrick being a member of this party.

Say Bye bye Mr. Derrick, you will just be a footnote in NYS history.

Anonymous said...


I respect your opinion, but I beg to differ.
Stefanik was educated at Harvard. Derrick did the educating at West Point.
Knowing what it's like to wear the uniform will earn him the 'boots on the ground' vote.

Anonymous said...

Derrick can win if he breaks with democrat policies and runs as a conservative. His comments on the environment might cut into Stefanik's millennial support, but turn off most voters.

Anonymous said...

5:11 - he's running as a Socialist.