Friday, April 22, 2016

WDT: County elections officials pleased with NY primary voter turnout

        After seeing some dismal primary turnouts over the years, the uptick this year was encouraging, even with the limited hours upstate.

       Turnouts in the 30s and up to around 40 in both parties signals a level of interest.

       I was talking with a long time Democratic activist last night and ask him why upstate Democrats assent to a rural town in Erie County opening polls at 6 AM while in all the neighboring counties polls in primaries open at noon. He said he always disagreed with it and as a lawyer said it really is a 14th Amendment issue. He also said if it was downstate voters who had less time to vote, something would be done about it.

       Why is it Democrats only advocate for the voting rights of some people ?

Watertown Daily Times | County elections officials pleased with NY primary voter turnout


Anonymous said...

Democrats don't advocate for voting rights of people, the advocate for mire votes for their people.

Strong voter turnout is a very bad thing. It means people are extremely unhappy with their government. Low voter turnout is a sing that people are satisfied well enough with the way things are. Obama and his supporters brought this on. They knew he was a jerk and still supported his extremism.

Anonymous said...

Record turnouts in every state and most due to Donald Trump and his antiestablishment message. Sanders also reaching out to real people.