Saturday, April 9, 2016

WDT: Clayton Man Wants to Know MOC's Preference

         Most of the establishment candidates were sent home, but the "establishment" is lining up now behind Senator Ted Cruz, even though he has at times been anti establishment. He is still of Washington at the moment.  The RINO candidate would be Governor John Kasich, and that's in line with many NNY Republicans.
       The person writing this letter to the editor is requiring a non-establishment endorsement by the MOC to earn his vote for her in the fall. What's that mean ?  If  unsatisfied, Mr. Bennett of Clayton would vote for Mr. Derrick, who will be voting for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders ?
          Watertown Daily Times | Does Stefanik stand with GOP establishment?


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of criticism for Stefanik, but she is going to win by even more than she did last time, when she embarrassed her primary candidate and then embarasse3d Wooflie and Owens even worse. I am sure she is crestfallen to learn that someone who was not going to vote for her, is now pretending he would vote for her if only she would to publicly do did what is not in her best political interest.

My main criticism of Stefanik is that she is too liberal and I am sure she would love Kasich to win or even Hillary. But I have much respect for her on many other things. Especially her Energizer Rabbit work ethic. But her refusal to endorse a candidate is one of the most respectable, noble and honorable things she has ever done in politics. God bless that Harvard Girl.

Anonymous said...

1056.. Drum roll for you... Elise Stefanik has proven without a doubt she is establishment Republican at the least.. She will do exactly what the establishment wants nothing less. On certain unimportant issues shes allowed to vote as she wants.She is for the endless money spent on the Bengazi investigation and hearings yet no one including her has opened another investigation into 911 and our militarys part in it along with some elected officals.. Murder going uninvestigated because of politics.

Anonymous said...

10:56 While I agree with some of your points regarding Harvard, I would not label her as an establishment. How could she have come through Harvard as being an establishment? She is a centrist. The fact that she spent some time in a conservative think tank makes her not to far right off the cliff. She knows how to use her political capital 100% percent behind her when she says she will work with the other side to get what she wants out of any deal. She is a tad too liberal for me but when one observes her it appears she studies the issues, makes rash decisions and votes for all Americans.

Face it, the individual that the Democrats put up against her is being used. Sure he is former military but beware, he has been out of the military for a long time. Stefanik is very involved with the Armed service committee and if her opponent would be honest would tell the public that she is alot of hearings on a daily schedule.
Stefanik has up to date status while the opponent is stating talking points issued from the party.

One more point, she has worked her a## off compared to anyone we have had in recent years.

Anonymous said...

10:42 You are correct on most points. But while it is true her opponent is being used, it is not sure which party put him up against her. It wasn't long ago he was a registered republican.

And while you could argue Stefanik is a centrist, there is very little that is "centrist" about bipartisan agreements. Bipartisan agreements are mostly left wing on the social side and corporatist on the fiscal side of things, which both parties agree to. And THAT is truly what "establishment" is all about.