Monday, April 18, 2016

WDT: Banning E-Cigs in Schools Praised

     When I read an editorial praising the introduction of a law banning E-cigs on school property, I just assumed that's something school administrators would have done anyway. While the products are legal, they do send a mixed message by suggesting smoking is indeed glamorous and somehow OK with the new device.

     Schools routinely prohibit things detrimental to health, welfare and good order in the schools.  A new law for E-cigs does make for a good press release and it provides one more instance where administrators can just say, 'hey, it's mandated.'

Watertown Daily Times | A lesson in health: Sen. Ritchie sponsors legislation to ban e-cigarettes at schools


Anonymous said...

This is just the type of new law you would expect to be proposed from a democrat.

When it comes to teaching grade-schoolers how to put a condom on a cucumber, we are told that kids will constantly be exposed to sex by society, so we need to educate them and abstinence is not a credible plan. But cigarettes are a different story.

Okay pAddie Ritche, if you really feel that strongly about it then why don't you get some courage and propose banning cigarettes? Or raising the smoking age to 21, like it is for booze. You could even ban smoking for everyone born after a certain year, that way the Sanders/Ritchie voters would just roll over and accept your crap in exchange for your promise of freestuff. But lordy lordy lordy don't ever pass a law that would punish underage possession of tobacco. The little darlings are just victims of seeing someone with an E-cig at school and then mimicking them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, Forget these pieces on e-ciggys, Get down to the red meat we really want to hear about

Shelly Silver having two girlfriends, one a lobbyist and one that slept with him to get a job with NYS. Is that what all these elected females have to do to get a voice with the corrupt boys in Albany?

Imagine anyone doing it with him. OMG

Anonymous said...

What will the kids be able to do soon? Is air bad for them? Milk? So sick of the Nanny State.

Anonymous said...

Think about the past. Were there many school shootings when a teacher allowed us to step out back and smoke one? Kept us calm.