Saturday, April 30, 2016

WDT: Arsenal Street Business News

       On a street full of commercial signage tugging at the attention of motorists, the City is making a developer jump through the ZBA hoop because the site for a new Goodyear store also has an informational sign for Stateway Plaza hiking the square footage to 290, which is 90 square feet over the arbitrary limits in the sign ordinance.
       The matter will be ruled on next month.
        Haven't heard anything on the completion of Western Boulevard, something committed to on many occasions.  Everyday I drive on where it would be when I go to the gym.
        Meanwhile, some positive news up the road. Roth Industries is expanding its plant in the City Center Park. Roth is one of the quieter firms you don't hear about but it has occupied space there for many years.


Anonymous said...

Did you see Slye's comment on an earlier WDT's story about this? It was well written and very articulate. The only thing it was lacking is logic and reasonableness.

Isn't there acres upon acres behind the development that is located in a "planned development zone" where the city can approve anything that is applied for and they consistently do.

If the city really was genuine about their hatred of signs, they would write a law causing non complying signage to sunset. They could do this over a ten year period, but no reason why they couldn't make it 20 years.

Is it the city's position that there should be no signage on Arsenal to mark the plaza? Or do they agree that it was good for the lot to sell its signage rights off to the plaza and render the blockbuster lot forever at a signage disadvantage?

But you have to give the city credit. Whenever I drive down Arsenal street,The one word that comes to mind is "quaint". Because the signage is not too much.

Perhaps the developer should try to put a windmill up instead. Or he could do what the Texas Roadhouse does and park a giant sign on the lawn in the form of a trailer.

Anonymous said...

Why do they need a ten acre high sign anyway? There are Already to many signs on arsenal street, Don't criticize the the planning board for doing their job.

Anonymous said...

Slye is a non factor. When will the city cut ties with this hateful man. One of the main reasons why the city is shaky financially is because of his services. Shameful

Anonymous said...

The developer bought the parcel with the knowledge that the sign rights were already in use.
Either buy back the rights to the signage or move on and market the old Blockbuster to someone else. Plenty of other spots on Arsenal that would fit the bill.
Do a land swap with Jreck and flatten the old gas station turned sub shop for the new Goodyear store. Would make a lot more sense than knocking down the fairly new and much more appealing BB building.

Anonymous said...

Sell Goodyear the proposed Friendly's expansion lot next to MattressMania...

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't matter if the "sign rights" were already in use. Its prime commercial property and its in the best interest of the city and city tax payers to put it to its best use. That means affording signage there, as as not to purposely handicap a business that decides to locate there.

Contrary to what is taught in city planner school, businesses spend thousands of dollars on signs because they are an essential part of most successful businesses, not because they want to offend the sensibilities of city planners and tree huggers.

No one is criticizing the planning board for doing there job. There job is not to rubber-stamp whatever the city attorney say or whatever the city planner says. The existing sign is "information" and therefore should not count as part of the signage.

If the city genuinely wanted to limit signs they would come up with a better comprehensive sign law, including one that restricts off-promise signs. It was not long ago that the city approved numerous billboards in the "planned development" located behind this proposed GoodYear store. The city comes off as nothing but disingenuous in this matter.