Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump Moves a Big Step Closer to GOP Nod......Clinton Moves Closer to Prize as Well

      A big five state sweep for Donald Trump and a four for five for Hillary Clinton, bringing the nation a step closer to an epic confrontation in the fall.
       Mr. Trump scored numbers in the upper fifties into the sixties as he drove his delegate total well over 900.  Rival Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated from a first ballot win. In fact Mr Cruz appears to have finished third in four of five women.
        It's all about Indiana next Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

"In fact Mr Cruz appears to have finished third in four of five women."

WHAT?!?!?! I assume you mean states. Lots of jokes come to mind with that one. Gave me a good chuckle.

Now I know this isn't PC, but this morning while watching the news, they showed some footage of Clinton when she was running in 2008, and quickly cut to footage of 2016. What happened in those 8 years! What's going to happen if she wins the presidency? We all know how much older most presidents look from when they first start office, and end their term. Honestly "troll doll" came to my mind.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

This is posted for all those who ask "name 4 HILLARY's accomplishments..." like a caller asked on the Hotline show. Okay, here several biggies - there are more - lust look and stop blasting w/o facts:

1. As Sec. of State, she accomplished the nearly impossible mission of getting China, Russia, the European Union and the civilized world on board with crippling sanctions against Iran. This is what brought Iran to the negotiating table.

2. As Sec. of State, she made gender equality a priority of U.S. foreign policy. And she created the ambassador at large for global women’s issues, a post charged with integrating gender throughout the State Department.

3. As Senator, she authored the Pediatric Research Equity Act (called HELP bill). It requires drug companies to study their products in children. The Act is responsible for changing the drug labeling of hundreds of drugs with important information about safety and dosing of drugs for children. It improved the health of millions of children who take medications to treat diseases ranging from HIV to epilepsy to asthma.

4. As Senator, she was instrumental in helping secure $21 billion in federal aid to help New York rebuild after 9/11 for first responders.

5. She helped protect and create jobs in New York like at the Niagara Falls Air Force base or the Center for Bioinformatics at UB.

6. As Senator, she also led the charge on the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Equity Act, which is now the law of the land.

7. As First Lady, she worked with Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. Orrin Hatch to create the SCHIP program in Bill Clinton's second term. That expanded health coverage to millions of lower-income children.

I'm done for now.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

And yes 1:59; she stood idly by, and let our people get murdered in Benghazi. And as much as you hate to hear it, that is the truth; then to lie to the families, even insinuating that the families were lying, about her lying. You see Dan, contributing to the loss of life, by gross negligence, far outweighs anything else. For what it's worth, I heard you on the Hotline, spouting off about this degrading of women, by Donald Trump. What about your posting about K Ripa, saying she needs to get over herself. What exactly are your truthful opinions?

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

My comment about K. Ripa was NOT degrading ... she acted like cry baby, but the network wanted to make the official announcement and she whines about not knowing first? BTW: She also works for network and her actions were clearly wrong.

Semper Fi.

Rick Aldrich said...

Semper Fi , Dan