Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trump camp accuses Tenn. GOP of stealing delegates

     The dump Trump movement is in full swing and the synergism between the GOP establishment and the media is a staggering example of the Washington cabal looking to secure their place at the trough, and Chris Matthews tingle up the leg at this year's identity politics candidate, Hillary Clinton.
     Sure, Mr. Trump has made mistakes, but the gotcha interviews, the anchor smirks, the stories based on false premise and the behind the scenes maneuvering for delegates could well sink the businessman.
      It's hard ball for sure and you have to be ready to compete.  Ultimately, as Trump kept winning, media amused with the spectacle had to step up and they did. Watch an afternoon of CNN, MSNBC and even FOX and you'll be swamped with negative imagery, quotes twisted and straw man controversies with lots of response..   Like the latest canard about a third party candidacy, like it makes any sense for the frontrunner to go there and the oft overlooked impediment of ballot access and the deadlines passed or about to.
     Next thing you know they'll trot out a fireman to claim Trump is picking on him.
Trump camp accuses Tenn. GOP of stealing delegates


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh poor piddle (rhymes with liddle Marco) Donny. No one is being fair to him. he is being bullied.

I think he should really worry about losing the 50 delegates from S.Carolina cause the State Party can make them disappear faster than you can sing Dixie.

The S.Carolina rules state that any candidate that does not endorse the eventual nominee out the convention loses their delegates.

Bye bye 50 delegates Donny.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you are amazing now that you are so anti establishment when you served in office you were viewed as the establishment.

One talk show host (very establishment type )and it's not GC cries he hates the establishment the very small circle he has maintained for years now daily drills us on how we are traitors if we don't vote for Trump for everything he has done for NYS.

Posters, can anyone please post what Trump has done for upstate NY in the last 10 years, other than donating for Hillary and the Hillary family organization, Senatorial run and the wife and girl child donating as friends to Hillary.

Yes Trump has given us Hillary but that's all.

I'm waiting, anyone.... anyone?