Saturday, April 2, 2016

Touching All the Bases Key to Winning

   The local NRA banquet is a political must do for Republicans hoping for votes from the Second Amendment crowd.  I am told only Russ Finley attended the one seen in this picture. Granted, we all get sick of dinners, but if you are running for Assembly you have to appear at these affairs.
      With Mr. Finley's Conservative Party ties and his aggressive campaigning, it looks like a Russell-Finley showdown in the fall.
       You have to say it favors the incumbent as local Republicans do not support candidates with donations, particularly Mr Finley who is disliked by the establishment....But in this crazy year, you never know.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff.. Get serious about the establishment statement.. Finley is not a well liked person in Lisbon or anywhere else. His radical life and trouble hes been in have stained any chance he has to win. He is a very smart person but its called book smart, it dosnt relate to most people when they see the real Russ..