Thursday, April 21, 2016

Topless in Troy

     Remember when tranny problems were something you addressed at the Aamco shop ?  
      Suddenly a whole community of people called transgender are in the news regularly in the context of civil rights and sensitivities most people never worried about.
      Bathroom laws down south or an "androgynous" person sunbathing topless in Troy, NY, it's all in the news.
      At Russell Sage College, students got topless yesterday to protest police treatment of a topless person sunbathing who refused to don a shirt when police demanded it.
       Transgender issues were never something society or its political leadership had to pay attention to, but now such matters can rise up and cause a firestorm as has happened in NC where corporate protests of a gender ID law are causing political and financial issues.
       A generation ago, poltical leadership never had to worry about who goes into which bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, Want the real skinny. So a student that 'IDENTIFIES' as a 'transgender' woke up Tuesday morning and had strong 'FEELINGS' that she was a transgender male that day. The female transgender decided she/he wanted to sunbath and since she felt like a man that day she decided to sunbathe with her/his top off.

This now provides us with countless possibilities.....

Drum roll......

Your child's male teacher feels he is suddenly a female and alternates on a daily basis wearing makeup/clothing one day and alternating in male clothing the following.
The kids project in school that day they can google how many shopping sites for cross dressing now transgender dressing is in their local community.

This can give Senator Gillibrand nightmares since these so called middleclass white boy rapists she finds on our college campuses can now say they received signals from these feminist girls and they really wanted to experience a sexual encounter with a he/she at that party. When they have to get consent from kissing to fondling they now can ask the question, are you transgender boy or girl? Yee Haaa, let's do it. Can't call it rape now can you girls!!!

While we are out it let's make Andy Cuomo's and Addie Russel's day. No transgender signs on any restroom doors. Let women walk right in with men at the urnial, kids too, no partitions so we can see women and men doing their #2 might be interesting to watch. No more special rooms for breastfeeding, do it all in the no gender bathroom, have a sandbox put the kiddies in it so there can be playdate times while females, males, trans, bi, gay, lesb all doing their business.

Addie, please introduce a law that all bathrooms should just be inclusive so your kids can experience lifelessons you wish to force on us. Remember no partitions!

Anonymous said...

Addie have your little pc duckling transgender progressives gone far enough?

Why not join them, let's get you topless at one of our local schools!
Maybe you can Chelsea Clinton to come back, invite the Mom and you can all go topless and protest the inequality of your transgender friends.

Anonymous said...

749 I agree with you but not yu being hateful about it... Another possiblity is that they now can go -uck themselves..

Anonymous said...

7:49 You do have a point, things have gone to far and are out of control.

Anonymous said...

One way to stop all this sh## on the campuses is to stop all pell grants, all loans, all grants, all bank loans and tell them to get a job and get out in the real world earning their $15.00 hr.

Anonymous said...

I thought men and women are allowed to go topless in NYS

Anonymous said...

if while sexually pleasuring them-self, a part time transgender suddenly feels that they are in fact the opposite sex (no pun intended)are they required to ask themselves out loud if they can continue? If not, wouldn't that be rape ?