Saturday, April 23, 2016

WDT: Time to Start Setting Aside Some Cash

     Is it just politics and grudges or is Mary Rain deficient as DA of the Big County ?
     Either way there is an election coming and the matter can be righted then. Another allegation is out about professional misconduct as local attorneys are more emboldened about publicly going after the DA.
     For Ms. Rain, the probability is high she won't be reelected. It's not certain she could get the GOP nomination, but like any such race it depends on the opposition.
    In the meantime, Ms. Rain just got a nice raise to $183K.  She won't make that in the private sector, so she may want to start getting her finances in order for the transition. Pay off all credit cards and if you get a new car, pay cash.
    Tougher times are ahead.


Anonymous said...

There is no amount of money in the north country that can counteract the thousands of free negative spin advertising the local liberal media keep attacking this woman with. every time a democrat accuses her of something, no matter how absurd and baseless, the local liberal media spins and prints it as truth and prints it and leads with it.
In this case, if you read the story toward the end, she makes a perfectly logical explanation. But even without reading that, the first thing that comes to mind is, "who did she disclose this to" and when you get to the answer, it makes perfect sense that she could and would disclose it to THE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS and judge.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it - Mary Rain is NOT up for re-election this year!

Jeff Graham said...

I know she is not up this year. Just suggesting putting aside some of that salary as reelection seems dicey. I think its good advice. This isn't some local yokel job with little pay. This is a livelihood that puts you up with educators and NFP heads in lifestyle. Got to prepare if there's a chance of losing it.

Anonymous said...

maybe a girls of the big County Public sector calendar as a side line?

Anonymous said...

7:13 - Unfortunately, Ms. Rain has brought all of this upon herself. The liberal media merely runs with the material she provides them. She is as politically deaf as they come and has demonstrated, time and time again, that she lacks the management (and people) skills to run a DA's office, just as was the case when she ran the public defender's office. If you keep blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings, at some point, you run out of people to blame and, at that point the light shines brightest on the problem.

The NYS Constitution allows its citizens to elect their judges and DAs. Mayor Graham's point is that there is a process for removal of elected officials and that process occurs at the ballot box. I have no doubt that Ms. Rain is a one-termer unless her law license is suspended for her breach of ethics in allowing a subordinate to practice law without a license.