Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Time to Decide

           While it's widely felt endorsements this year are not worth a bucket of warm spit, it is expected that NNY political leaders and editorial boards take thoughtful positions on the suddenly important NY primary (both parties).
            Normally our primaries wouldn't matter but for Bernie Sanders it's a pivotal point and if he wins, it leaves Hillary Clinton an incredibly wobbly front runner.
           Donald Trump needs to tune it up and run as a favorite son and win all 95 delegates from NY.
           It's tougher for an elected Democrat to come out in favor of Bernie Sanders as their bread is buttered by being obsequious to the machine headed by Andrew Cuomo who is supporting Mrs. Clinton. For that reason, a progressive like Addie Russell facing reelection will likely demure or pay lip service support to the Secretary.
           For Republicans the safe choice is John Kasich, a moderate in tune with the NYS GOP and without rough edges that will get you in trouble with E-boards.  However, Governor Kasich underperformed last night and many upstate constituents like the more brash Donald Trump.
           Ted Cruz has a following but I don't hear to much about it..
            Yesterday GOP Assembly hopeful Russ Finley called the HOTLINE and publicly backed Donald Trump.  Whether its by letters to editors, press releases, Faebook or public utterances we would all love to hear from everyone from Washington DC to 245 Washington Street to hear who they support.


Anonymous said...

The primary is the voters choice and it is the voters who put those in power who would endorse. They should wait for the voters to speak.

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclussion that in reality the Republican Party has decided who the canidate for president will be and will share that with us at their phony convention.
I have never witnessed such a political circus as this year. Trump vs the Republican party elite. Cruz vs the Republican party Elite. What it has done for me is opened my eyes about such things as 911 as an entire event prepared and carried out by some very rich and powerful corporate heads , bankers, military leaders and our own elected. I wont even go into the facts or nonfacts I have read but will mention only one FACT that cant be denied.. Our military (Donald Rumsfeld) announced on the day before 911 attackeds that our Pentagon was missiing 8.5 Trillion dollars.. My point that was in 2001.. Its now 2016 and our Congress or two administrations have never got to the bottom of it..WHY/.>?

The answer is obvious to anyone that dosnt believe in the tooth fairy. The government spends millions of dollars on hearings about Bill Clintons zipper, or Hillaries Bengazi or other things but nothing on where 8 Trillion dollars went... If you ever find out then you will know the truth about 911 and What George W Bush knew and what he did.

Anonymous said...

Russ is backing Trump? Awesome! Now I know for sure who I'm voting for!

Anonymous said...

8:56 Is this The Truther Funicello???? It has to be, but please check in with the dope inhaler Rosie O'Donnell, that trainwreck that Trump can't stop talking about.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The GOP's Worst Nightmare x 2