Monday, April 18, 2016

WDT: Time Flies....Budget Release Due This Week

     With budget in hand but still secret, City Council is sending hints about the spending plan the public will see in  a day or so.....Actually it should be no surprise to lawmakers as they should or did already set budget parameters.
     The tax cap would limit a levy increase to a little over one percent or about $95K.. However Council will have before it a local law to exceed the cap.
    That's because the proposed increase is surely above that but will be reduced by moving some numbers to keep it under the cap.
     The cap can only be exceeded by passage of a local law which would require a public hearing. I don't see the appetite for exceeding it given there are no extraordinary expenditures and there is the infusion of additional sales tax revenue from the quarter point hike that went into effect December 1. In fact much of the extra revenue falls in the current fiscal year thus enhancing fund balance.
       The City Budget always gets news coverage, although as we saw with recent criticism of a neighboring town's budget, there is little public understanding of any of this.


Anonymous said...

That sure was brilliant for Cuomo to pass a tax cap that wasn't a tax cap. At the same time he tells us we have to build million dollar second court room and can't use the county jail as a holding cell. And we can't fire incompetent employees. And we can't set the size of our own FD. And we can't set our own wages on construction projects.

Anonymous said...

Hey 825 what incompetent employees are you referring to?? The City Manager? You can fire your employees at the COW, just not the City School District...