Saturday, April 23, 2016

The reason 120,000 voters ‘vanished’ before primary day | New York Post

      When you go to vote and are told you are not the wrong place....or whatever, you may just walk away frustrated as , after all, these are authority figures at the table and they can't be wrong.
      So on primary day in Brooklyn it was discovered 120,000 active voters had been inexplicably purged.
      Great time to find out.
      There is good reason for skepticism in out electoral systems. Not everywhere of course, many do run smoothly, but long lines, changing polling places, registration deadlines a year before voting, polling hours shorter in some areas, and on and on.....
        Then add the natural fear of having party hacks running the whole thing and its a recipe for saying the heck with it all.
        Many election officials are diligent and committed to voting, but elections are not won by expanding the pool, they are won by getting out the pool who votes your way all the time.
         New York has some of the most egregious problems and despite being what the Governor calls a "progressive" paradise, little is done to correct anything.
The reason 120,000 voters ‘vanished’ before primary day | New York Post


Anonymous said...

Its not just NY its all the blue states. The media is focused on voter ID laws that the red states have passed in order to help slow down the democrats from cheating. But the reality is it takes a long time to register to vote in places like NY and it isn't easy to find your voting booth either.

Meanwhile places like France and Canada have voter ID laws and no one raises an eyebrow. And the left wing idiots are always pointing to them as examples to follow in virtually every other policy. Not noticing that they also limit abortions to 16 weeks instead of 20 like Texas does and they also have a national language or in the case of Canada they have two national languages.

And yet when the GOP proposes similar policy to these left wing countries, the media characterizes them as "extreme" and "right wing".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but let's not get too fired up about it. There's a lot of factors here. One of them is that the voter is too stupid (or too lazy) to figure out where he is supposed to be voting. I witnessed a first time voter attempting to vote in the primary and the nitwit was registered as an Independent. The voting booth people had to waste time explaining to this fool that as an independent he couldn't vote in a republican or democrat primary. It's not all fraud Jeff, lots of stupidity out there, too.

Anonymous said...

8:49, that was the best post I've read in a long time. Yet despite all these irregularities, the golf heroes continue to advocate for fewer and fewer reasonable, common sense controls. A voter ID is not a bad thing, my party line pukes.

Ray said...

I had that happen once here. Showed up and they couldn't find me on the list. I was about to walk, I spoke up! Told them to make a call. Few minutes later they had a form out. Filled it out. Voted. Left.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Voting: right or privilege? Most people don't even know.

From The Atlantic What Does the Constitution Actually Say About Voting Rights?

Since the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in Shelby County v. Holder in June 2013, conservative governments in the South and elsewhere have raced to introduce new voting restrictions.

Most prominent in the attacks is the comprehensive vote-restriction law passed by the Republican majority in the North Carolina legislature.

Their laws (1) cut back early voting, (2) restrict private groups from conducting voter-registration drives, (3) eliminate election-day voter registration, and (4) impose the strictest voter ID rules in the country. There is evidence that Republican legislatures elsewhere will follow North Carolina's lead (and in fact, many have – some ruled against, but that has not stopped the GOP from sustaining that effort).

Let’s face it, neither the American people nor the federal courts would tolerate restrictions like on voting rights if they were imposed on: (1) freedom of speech, (2) freedom to assemble, (3) freedom of religion, or (4) freedom to petition government for redress of grievances.

Many Southern states – and probably a majority of the Supreme Court – would reject far less onerous restrictions on the right (5) to keep and bear arms. Note that each of those rights is mentioned only once in the Constitution whereas the “right to vote” is mentioned five times. Yet, this Court has brushed that aside with lingo such as “it’s some sort of privilege to vote” that allows states and presumably themselves to observe it at their convenience.

Even an overwhelming majority of Congress – which is given the power to enforce the right to vote in no fewer than four different places in the Constitution – cannot protect that right more strongly than the Court feels appropriate for them to do so. So, what would happen if we took the Constitution's text on this matter seriously, i.e., voting is merely a privilege and not much else?

Voter ID fraud, etc.? A myth, a fiction ... check here The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dannie, all the voting problems we are experiencing are myths, fiction per se. If there weren't so many discrepancies with voting, attempts wouldn't be made to clean up the septic. Your ilk just can't resist making voting so easy no controls are workable. Listen my owned man, you claim, in moments of clarity, that the second amendment is a right, not a privilege. But you have no problem laying contradicting and impractical laws on honest citizens to somehow regulate that right. As usual, Dan, you want it both ways. One right means no controls, while the other causes extreme moisture to form no matter what the watering down of the "right" requires. All that leadership training, yet no sense of balance. Your party line owners would be proud of you. Us, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I have read the Brennan Center report before. It is all leftist propaganda.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Anonymous 4:11 and you are a righty nitwit who is apparently afraid of facts ... BTW: they always trump opinion.