Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Race Expected Not In Sight

      The politcal calendar is moving along quickly and this week a GOP insider in a position to know said the Assembly race may indeed be Russ Finley taking on Addie Russell as the last challenger doesn't seem inclined to run. John Byrne nearly defeated Ms. Russell two years ago but has made no public pronouncements this year and the time to get mobilized is nearing.
       The prospect of a GOP primary and the uncertainties involving getting the C line are issues as is raising money as two years ago the Republican spent considerable money without really raising much, and that likely won't happen again.  A better organized effort on the DEM side is also a factor.
       2014 was a perfect storm for Mr. Byrne in many ways and he came close, losing by 90 votes. That storm isn't lining up this tme. Issues have changed as have tactics and the people behind the scenes are different.  Media antipathy towards Ms. Russell seems to have waned.
        Local GOP establishment is also bummed out over the rise of Trump, a candidate they feel will lose easily, according to my source.
        Hopefully a malaise among the party elites won't hurt the party in other important races like Congress where reelecting Elise Stefanik should be a priority.


Anonymous said...

We know that Stefanik has been stumping around the district for clerks, supervisors, sheriffs, judges. We need Coon to get his act together and go all out or all in. With Stefanik's tactical assault, no primary and if she can coordinate with the loose canon Finley we can take Addie out once and for all.

Personally I believe a woman would be a better fit to run against Addie.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, throw your hat in the ring or get Glenn to.

Anonymous said...

If John Byrne wants the job, he needs to switch back to the democrat party he used to be registered in and run against AJR in a primary. The voters spoke and they made it clear they do not want a left wing democrat to replace their ultra-left-wing democrat. If Byrne couldn't win last time he will never win...ever.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

That is the #1 reason Ms. Stefanik considers Trump off-limits and won't go anywhere near him ... he is too toxic for her.

Anonymous said...

1:47 The florescent shade of orange is toxic to me as well.

Anonymous said...

When Trump gets toasted in the general , the mid years will complete the demise of the Elephant . UNder elephant lead these past two years the CONGRESS has only gotten WORSE . The lowest rating in dcades so Stefanik is protecting her butt since there is a very good likly hood that its GAME OVER in 2118

Anonymous said...

7:25... after trying to buy popularity with an elegant arena and assorted other follies and leaving the city taxpayers a mountain of debt at the end of his tenure I'd say Jeff has zero chance of election to any position.
The Glenn suggestion is just plain funny, the guy is a fool.

Jeff Graham said...

725. Check the record. Debt is down over the past decade and the tax levy as a percentage of general fund spending is under 20%. The Arena was one of those big ticket items that comes up from time to time but the overall trend under my years and frankly years the current mayor spent on Council was pretty good.
As for assorted other follies, I continue to be proud of the accomplishments in five terms, all while running a local business still operating after 31 years.

Anonymous said...

It may sound easier to digest when you say the tax levy is only 20% of general fund spending but when the homeowners share of that 20% amounts to between one and two hundred per MONTH for them it's no longer that palatable.
Every budget year the city takes a bigger bite out of our paycheck with no leveling off in sight.

Residents pay about 30% more in taxes just for the privilege of living inside the limits of our fair city.

Help me understand what we here in the city receive for those dollars that those just across the line receive at no cost.
Road Maintenance?
Water and Sewer?
I'm sure they aren't going without these.

Anonymous said...

1232 you are exactly right. We've lived both inside and outside city limits and there is absolutely no advantage to living inside the golden gates. The money we've saved on taxes alone is remarkable - we have a much nicer house in a nicer location and taxes are a fraction of what we paid in the city. We were tired of seeing decaying houses all around.