Sunday, April 17, 2016

MSNBC Shill Aghast after Hillary Clinton fundraiser last night at George Clooney's house where Sanders supporters pelted her motorcade with 1,000 $1 dollar bills

       So Bernie Sanders supporters threw dollar bills at a Clinton motorcade on its way to a George Clooney fundraiser where the rich paid $300K to sit with the candidate.
       The network shills for Mrs. Clinton were aghast....
the protest outside a Hillary Clinton fundraiser last night at George Clooney's house where Sanders supporters pelted her motorcade with 1,000 $1 dollar bills


Anonymous said...

I can remember giving up dollar bills to loser babes like Hillary. It was a different situation, but in many ways, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many people scared of a women trying to be president hell the male presidents if you look back have screwed this country up. So why not Hillary ?. And lets face it you might be mad at her husband for having sex with someone but he turned this country around and that's a fact. As for the phone thing that was a small thing. That was done because they want to stop her from running.MR BUSH WAS THE MAN WHO KILLED THOUSANDS. And nothing is done to him for that. You look who is running its just a joke . Do you really want to put a blow hard into office trump sucks to high heaven. Cruz is no good Hillary has more smarts than all of them and know all the jerks that will mess this country up. And that is what scares the other side . They never talk facts they just make things up.

Anonymous said...

Cannot support Liars thats why our family will never support her or Trump or Cruz.

She has morphed so many iterations of her so called track record and fails to give STRAIGHT answers to simple quest.ions

That last televised debate was a PRIME example of her innate " elasticity " when it comes to the truth.She answerd nothing and obfuscates continuously

Some call it revisionist history , i am not that kind and refuse to support that deliberate mendacity .

Anonymous said...

7:56 While I can't speak for everyone, the majority of people I have spoken with have absolutely no problem with having a woman president, just not her.
Why not Hillary you ask?
Her inability to speak the truth, her treatment of the women that her predator husband has attacked, her inaction on the Benghazi Embassy attack or the multitude of scandals that her and her husband have been involved in and continue to haunt them?

In the tradition of a low information supporter, you give Bill Clinton credit for a booming economy. He had almost zero to do with the economic boom that he rode to his popularity, it was more a matter of being in the right place at the right time for Slick Willie. The introduction of the internet and the dotcom stock bubble fueled his rise. Most of the millionaires that struck gold in that era lost it as quickly as they got it when the bubble burst and the worthless stocks dried up and blew away.
Clinton signing the NAFTA trade agreement then ensured a steady stream of job losses that to this day isn't finished.
You may think that I am a republican from this but even though I don't strictly follow the party line I am a registered democrat and vote for who I think will be best for the country. It has been a pretty even split between GOP and Dem in my 44 years of voting. I voted for both Clinton and Obama for their first terms but quickly realized how big a mistake that was.

Trump may not be everything that anyone could ever want but there is one thing that helps his popularity, he isn't a politician.
Politicians and politics as usual are killing this country.

BTW... The singular of women is woman.

Anonymous said...

7:56, stifle yourself. If you think the lying, influence peddling Hill would be a good president, you need to dry out.

Anonymous said...


Haven't followed much of Hill's past have you? Or do you just not care?

I will grant you she has been smart enough to avoid prison over the years. Ya gotta give her that.

rick aldrich said...

7:56pm; the phone thing was just a small thing? Let's both hope that you never lose a child. You do not know what it's like to lose a child. You do not know what its like to be lied to, about your child's death. How do you think the families of the Benghazi victims feel? The hurt lasts forever. No Lying' Eyes Clinton , for me.

Anonymous said...

7:09PM Rick I agree with you on this point only. Hillary Clinton does not have the moral compass to lead the country, 7:56 is just an ignorant loyal Democrat that has been drinking extra sugared kool-aid.

7:56 Do you remember what occurred at the Jones compound, they drank the kool-aid and all died. This is what will happen to you if Hillary is elected. Hillary is counting on It takes a Village idiots to elect her.

Anonymous said...

Hillary "What difference does it make now" , has the personality of a psychopath, as she showed no sympathy for the families of the victims of Benghazi.
Slick Willy is not just responsible for NAFTA,
His sanctions and bombings of Iraq, did cost the live of estimated 200.000 Iraqi children, which his foreign secretary Albright, commented on 60 Minutes "that this is the prize we had to pay".
Lets not forget his war in former Yugoslavia or Waco Texas where 76 people mostly children died in the fire , when federal agents and Texas and Alabama army national guard attacked the compound, which was approved by Clinton and his homeland secretary Janet Napolitano

There are interesting books out over Hillary and Bill: "Primary colors" written by person named Anonymous , an insider, over their way to the white house, also made in to a movie, or the Book "Hillary, hell to pay, from Barbara Olsen,who died on 9/11.
And lets not forget the Clinton Foundation which is under critic too.
There is a T Shirt out "Hillary for prison" and that's where she should be.

There should be a women in the white house, who is qualified for, just not Hellary . It is not a gender question it is a question of character and moral too.