Saturday, April 2, 2016

WDT: The Passion Gap is Real as Focus Shifts to NY

    The Presidential campaign came within an hour's drive of Watertown yesterday as Hillary Clinton visited Syracuse to hold a business round table and more important to stave off a loss in the April 19 primary.
      Mrs. Clinton should win but challenger Bernie Sanders is surging and held a huge rally Thursday in NYC.
      I think the problem is Mrs. Clinton's support is perfunctory with no passion. Last night at a party I chatted with a labor leader friend and she of course derided Trump and said Mrs Clinton would win. The party line if you will. Then I brought up Senator Sanders and said I thought he was doing a great job, and my labor friend lit up an admitted he was really her first choice. I wonder how many establishment, "base" voters will stray in the booth ?
      The Clinton campaign has reportedly already written off Wisconsin, but still leads in delegates


Anonymous said...

She/he??? Is your labor leader friend, one of those intersex people?
This story reminds me to thank God for Hoffman...for doing the north country one of the biggest favors of all time.

Anonymous said...

This YouTube video tells you all you need to know about Mrs. Clinton.
I think less a question about an enthusiasm gap as it is an indictment about her trustworthiness, honesty and authenticity.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

Somebody is going to have to pay for all these "free" promises. The math just doesn't add up.. They say money is the root of all that is evil. Does that mean that if we have no money, will we turn to evil, to have money?

Anonymous said...

Should have asked her how the rank and file feel about Trump. Union leaders would vote for Stalin.