Tuesday, April 5, 2016


   Johnny Spezzano has a newly remodeled studio for his morning show on The Border. Much nicer than before and Johnny designed it himself.
   Many interested in ballroom dancing including city leaders will be hoofing it at the Lucy's House event at JCC this weekend. Among those dancing like the stars will be Mayor Butler and the City Manager.
    Some workers at NYAB were disappointed this morning as they get layoff notices. Workers say a couple dozen are affected.
    And that Climax closure in Lowville reportedly happened as a sale fell apart due to lack of a $750K loan. That's chump change and any of the alphabet agencies could have produced the cash. They were not asked,suggesting there was more to the decision than what is reported.

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Anonymous said...

Old Johnnie doesn't appear to be weathering too well.
He looks like he should be delivering used car parts or putting on shingles.