Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rising DA Pay Was No Surprise

   Why is everyone acting surprised as the pay raises for DA's ? It was part of already passed state law and you can bet those running last year knew what they were in for and that's why there was opposition in the races.  $183 K on its way to over 200 in a couple years.
    These are good jobs for NNY lawyers. and for those who say there's a war on women, the DAs in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties are all women, including the now infamous Mary Rain.
     What's also going up is pay for local judges including both city judges. These people have always been treated well. Back when the second city judge was one day a week , it still paid $30K with full benefits, although those details were never revealed because of public disdain for benefits for what they see as part time work.
     Lawyers sure do take care of each other.


Anonymous said...

Lwyers take care of each other and now they are going to "take care of" Rain woMan.

I don't know who this "everyone" is you speak of, that is acting surprised? Some of us are surprised and others not.

I am pretty sure the city judges are not paid for with city dollars. Correct? So I would have guessed that county DA's are part of that same gravy train. So YES..I am surprised to hear that county tax payers will be shoulder the burden of this raise. There certainly is no shortage of "applicants" for these jobs, if that is any measure of whether the pay is high enough or not.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Actually JeffCo Legislators say the mandate caught them off guard. Added by Scott Gray: "The fact is we weren't even prepared for it. It came down as a directive from the state and we had already set the budget and our salaries."

State law requires that all district attorneys across the state get a raise, but Albany is leaving the counties with the bill.

In Jefferson County the salary for the DA will go up about $30,000, all of which has to go into this year's budget.

Who in the hell in elected office gets a one-time (this time) pay raise of $30,000.00.

And, the city complains about WFD salaries ... do tell... ouch.

Unfunded mandates is always a issue and problem... but who sits in Albany representing us on the bills that deliver the mandates... that is a campaign issue ... Let's see their voting records.

Anonymous said...

Ok. So, I get that the Mayor's Blog and it's followers have every right to be upset about pay grades. Teachers, Superintendents, DA's, Lawyers, Judges, Fireman, etc...according to most on here. My question is, after being a semi-regular reader of this and other blogs on the political side, who should get paid?? This is also anti minimum wage so out they go. Who gets the $$? If no one gets paid, who is going to buy booze? Or pay for concession food at the arena?

Anonymous said...

2:56, Why are you asking dumb quesiton? Everyone should get paid for the work they do. The quesiton is who should decide how much is paid.

In this case, the voters in NYC decided what Jefferson county tax payers should pay their DA.
Such is the case with school superintendents too.
And such is the case for union fire thugs too.
And such is the case for the minimum wage employee too.

THAT IS THE EFFING PROBLEM !!! We don't want Albany making pay decisions for us.

If Albany simply left it up to the city as to whether or not they wanted to come to an agreement with the union, there would be no problem. Instead, Albany dictates exactly how the city must interact with the union. And by law, if they don't come to an agreement then they MUST go to arbitration.

If Albany would simply allow local school boards to determine who is qualified to be a school superintendent, than we would not be stuck paying top dollar because we have to hire from a small pool of certified "cannot do" and "cannot teach", but have masters degrees in diversity and sensitivity with a minor in womanly studies.

Anonymous said...

The raise was passed December 1 so the local legislators had an idea it was going up. However, the state legislatures had until April 1 to vote it down. When they didnt the raise went into effect. So they didnt. know when they passed their budget but it was no suprise