Friday, April 29, 2016

Rain Puts a Gag Order on Herself

      Another day, another Mary Rain story. In this one the DA's law clerk has his permission to practice revoked because he again didn't pass his bar exam.  I didn't know you could be prosecuted by people who aren't even lawyers, but it probably increases your chances of getting off.
      Another tid bit. A Rain staffer tells the WDT the boss won't be talking with the newspaper. I assume that means all media so my chances for a HOTLINE appearance are dimming.
       As I have suggested, Ms. Rain is cooked politically but not charged or convicted of anything. She might as well keep her head down and ride out the remaining 19 months of her term. Meanwhile today taxpayers will pay her $700 for her services.


Anonymous said...

Justice my friends is all we want in SLC. Get this incompetant ass out of here.. Once we do we could get our courts back in order and some real criminals prosecuted..
I cannot believe that some Republican faithful still think shes the second comming of Jesus Christ. Just reading the poooooooooor Mary comments ...

Anonymous said...

7:10, Get real. SLC does not care about justice. If they did, they would fund her department to allow her to hire a couple Miles types to clean up all the cases. Instead the Rain haters are actually criticizing her and trying to make it a crime, for her to bring in the great Onondaga DA for the Hillary murder case. Plus they deliberately sabotaged the grant that would have given her department more labor to dole out justice.

Jeff, didn't she already make more enemies with the OT LEO's by trying to get them to prosecute the traffic tickets? In this case, the judge that has a long feud with Rain, going back to Oswego, specifically says "prosecuting a felony" in his attack on her.

I thought law was like medicine and engineering, where only one guy has the license to practice, but their flunky "law clerks" or Physicians assistants or engineer in training or draftsmen, did all the work, then the licensed buy just singes his name to it as if he was "overseeing" it.

At any rate, every single accusation against Rain has amounted to less than a hill of beans. If you compare what the last incompetent chick did in the Oxley trial, where she took it to court three times, in which known lies were used to prosecute, it makes Rain look like a saint.

I smell a judgeship in SLC coming up for Rain.

Anonymous said...

812.. I am real and most of the taxpayers in SLC are.. The legislators have funded her greater than ever before with a less case load as Duve ever had. I dont know what you are talking about with the capital letters OT LEOs.. Hill of beans is usefull so I dont know how we are comparing something useful to Mary Rain.. Also the Oxley trial was handled just fine. The judge caused a mis-trial on a conviction then he was re-tried and hung the jury but the majority 11-1 found him guilty then he was acquited.. Yes some COPs lied just as the OJ case it muddied the water and the jury found him innocent.. Oh yes by the way Miles run for DA in SLC against Duve and he lost.. And it was him that started the hurry and arrest Oxley before having all the evidence and he did it trying to get himself publicity
Judgeship hehehehehehehe.. I dont blame you for remaining anom..

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much she can keep her head down for the next 19 months,have you been watching this at all? Just waiting for the next escapade,it has been quite entertaining.Oh,and 7:10,suggest you learn how to spell the word before you call someone "incompetant"sic..that is incompetency at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

11:25 You are hell of a democrat-hack of a joke joke. You come on here and slander Miles and slander Rain and and make excuses for hold Duve's malicious prosecution (not an arrest), so you can hold her on a pedestal, like a good donkey does.

The fact is that Rain is no more inept than her predecessors and she is just the subject of a witch hunt.

I hope you enjoy your government pension. I hope spending your career on your butt doing nothing doesn't mean you croak too young from lack of exercise and lack of virtue.

dajeep said...

@ 8:12 AM. That's what happened in Erie County,NY. The DA (Frank Sedita) was getting to be a real dick, so he gets endorsed by all parties for a state judge position, and without any opposition he gets elected. But he is serving in Chautauqua Co..