Friday, April 8, 2016

Poll: Sanders surges in California - POLITICO

   Field Polls have been measuring the Golden State for as long as I remember, so when I saw Bernie Sanders has surged to a 47-41 lead, it caught my attention.
     The allocation of delegates and and media rallying to Hillary Clinton in her time of need will continue the narrative that he can't win and should get out for party unity.
      It amazes me how many cable anchors are concerned over Democratic party unity instead of enjoying the horse race.
      Senator Sanders is even nationwide with Mrs Clinton in two polls out this week.  There is something going on out there that the MSM can not or will not recognize.
Poll: Sanders surges in California - POLITICO


Middle-Class Mike said...

Looked like Chris Matthews was caving - and getting in line with your thinking here Mayor I think the basic problem with MSM's liberal media, is they like to take Selfies, and the egg on their face is all to evident in Pics! MCM

Anonymous said...

None of this will matter. Hillary has taken enough bribe money in through her "foundation" to buy off every delegate in the party. Last time, it was a half black dude with a hidden background. This time, it's a woman who ranks as the most dishonest office holder the nation has ever seen. But blacks like her, and so do the folks who are motivated by genitalia.

Anonymous said...

Most of the media actively support Hillary Clinton. Bernie caught them off guard but his chances of receiving the nomination are exactly zero. The super delegate thing assures. Will the super delegates break ranks and start to move to Bernie? Doubtful, in the case of at least one super delegate who started to move in that direction found life became very unpleasant has pressure was applied as punishment.

The thing to remember about Democrats is they buy elections by offering the less well off lots of free stuff that must be either paid for by what remains of the middle class or by future generations who get saddled with a staggering debt. They pay their rich supporters off with corporate handouts - green energy is a prime example - and provisions in the tax code that allows generous deductions and credits.