Sunday, April 24, 2016

Paul Manafort: 'The Count' Tasked With Saving Trump | US News

      On TV this morning, I watched with interest Paul Manafort, the old pro brought in to guide the Trump ship in to port.  A long time lobbyist with a storied list of clients here and abroad, Mr. Manafort came to the campaign through a mutual protégé of he and Donald Trump.
      Roger Stone. The Nixon dirty trickster and long time dabbler in the dark side of politics recommended Mr. Manafort.
      I had the interesting good fortune to meet Mr. Stone at Hofstra University prior to the 2010 Gubernatorial debate. We had chatted on the phone a few times as he was helping Kristin Davis with her effort to land ballot status for a new party. In the end Mr. Stone's efforts were eclipsed by the Rent's Too High guy who became the novelty candidate.
      However, the chance to meet Mr. Stone was a highlight of the year for me as it was an insight into how politics works at this level. That's why I am so interested in Mr. Manafort. He is one smooth dude and knows how to play the game of life and politics.
       The Trump campaign is well served by Roger's buddy running the show.
Paul Manafort: 'The Count' Tasked With Saving Trump | US News


Anonymous said...

Jeff ,Ever wonder why you are easily impressed by these sleaze ball political operatives ? Most people see right through them as first clas phonies .

Anonymous said...

Always take some interest in seeing someone that is good at something, do their thing. There is a knack to everything and everything has a certain science to it.

I thought Stone and Trump had a falling-out because Trump wouldn't do things old-school like Stone advised him to? Must be they parted ways on amicable terms after all.

Rick Aldrich said...

Quite a story on 60minutes, involving both the Republicans & Democrats . Is it any wonder why these parties are trying to stop Mr. Trump. Congress with a 2 hr workday. 30-32 hrs a week fundraising. At least Mr. Trump is spending his own money . What say the rest of the Republican & Democratic Party candidates?

Anonymous said...

Rick you shouldn't believe everything you see on sixty minutes.

Anonymous said...

Rick, The rest of us work far more than 30 hours a week in order to have the freedom to do what we want for the other 138 hours in the week. Try not to get your panties in a wad. Most of the money comes in on its own, not from phone calls.

Anonymous said...

7:51 Rick, you need to be corrected. Jolly won in a special election seat as a tea party guy, but became much further right and was only in for personal gain. He won his seat only because of the National Party dollars.

Jolly goes or does DC, he immediately divorced his wife and took upm messing around with a young gal pal of early 20's. He is known as one of the laziest members of Congress. Being the feckless party that they are Jolly stabs the entire party in the front instead of the back.

Meanwhile Rick did you ask yourself how many hours of week Jolly actually works for his constituents. Not all politicians are the sleeze of this guy and Trump.

Anonymous said...

Rick do you believe everything you see or read ??

rick aldrich, USMC said...

7:51 to 2:23 ; have any of you clowns, or clown, ever worked federal service? I know how things work, nod your head, keep silent, you will do well. For you not to see , keep your eyes closed, for you not to hear, keep your ears shut. The three stages of truth; denial, violent reactions, finally acceptance. You have made it to stage 2.How do I know this? Because you are afraid, of who you are, by namesake. You have a lot to learn about life, before you get to stage 3. Most important, do not change your God-given name to anonymous. Be proud of who you are.