Sunday, April 17, 2016

Paladino Calls Kasich Ohio's Andy

       Former GOP Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is very much in the background of the Trump campaign in the Empire State. Mr. Paladino was in attendance at the Trump rally in Watertown and earlier had taken time to blast primary challenger John Kasich, calling the Governor Ohio's version of Andrew Cuomo.
    At issue is Mr. Kasich's support while in Congress for a 1994 assault weapons law.
    With Senator Ted Cruz looking to finish third on Tuesday, and Governor Kasich only supported by some GOP leaders and media, the Trump effort has to stifle Kasich in their bid to grab all of the state's 95 delegates.
     Meanwhile over the weekend Senator Cruz won 14 delegates in Wyoming as a convention....Over the next 10 days, Mr. Trump has six Northeast primaries and it's in those states his fate will be decided.


Anonymous said...

I have heard that Kasich takes a dim view of people receiving social security as well.

dajeep said...

@11:30. Why do the politicians use Social Security to suit their agendas. It should not be an issue at all. When you work, SS taxes are taken out. How many times was the SS trust fund dipped into by the slimy weasels themselves????

Anonymous said...

I agree,which is why found his cavalier remarks that people should just grow up rather than count on their SS benefits when they retire,troubling.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, it is already decided he won't reach the magic number 1,237!

On to the convention where he thinks he still is entitled to be the nominee even if he doesn't have the count. Not he is talking violence at the convention.

Trump, Sanders, HIllary are all exhibiting signs of geriatric memory failure.