Friday, April 29, 2016

NPR: Is Trump Written Off in NNY ?

   I will say these NPR folks try to do some behind the headlines analyis of local politics and taking a look at the effect of Trumpism on the race for Congress is interesting, except that it's unclear there is much of a race between Rep. Elise Stefanik and challenge Mike Derrick. She seems to have done all the right things to earn a second term.
     North Country Republicans, the ones with titles in front of their names, have been avoiding the candidacy of Donald Trump and seemed inclined to quietly back John Kasich. The decision to avoid Cleveland by Rep. Stefanik was sure to attract the attention of astute political reporters as four days in Ohio this summer didn't destract that much from constituent work.
     This week a key GOP insider told me point blank the race for the Presidency is over and that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. It is worth noting Bernie Sanders won across NY 21.
      Such optimism, but in politics, it's your own race first and Mrs. Clinton is known here. For much the same reason, the local GOP has given up on trying to seriously contest the River District even though the party came withing 90 votes two years ago.  They seem content to let iconoclast Russ Finley run with no party help.
       On the other hand, there are party leaders and there are voters, and Mr. Trump may do better here despite handwringing by party leaders and media barons.


dajeep said...

So, if Hillary gets elected as your GOP insider says, will they change the name of the White House? Could go with the Hen House, or giving a nod Slick Willy, the Whore House might be fitting.

Anonymous said...

Trump won convincingly here in the North County. Jeff, you are trying to make a story where there is none. Just as NPR is. Once again the liberal press is trying to sway our vote to the democrat. THe message is why bother with Trump he is a loser and the GOP acknowledges that.

I disagree with the premise and the conclusion.

Anonymous said...

For once your gop insider is at least partly correct Jeff. Only Hilda will not not only beat trump, she'll also beat the republican nominee.