Friday, April 8, 2016

North Country Afraid to Say Who They Like...

        I was talking to a county lawmaker tonight and asked about who he liked in the primary....He said he didn't know and didn't like any of the candidates. Said he was voting though. Nobody wants to be heard supporting any of these people.
       They are afraid of the cultured crowd finding out they are voting for Trump and Lyin' Ted is not accepted in the more refined aspects of NNY political culture. Kasich is the safe choice, but is running for VP at this point.
       Same for the Dems. Too much controversy if you say Sanders so it's easier to say Clinton in case somebody is reporting back to June.
       I have seen two lawn signs. One for Mrs Clinton on Arsenal Street and one for Senator Sanders on State Street.
        We will know how much angst if the local paper endorses.  The backing for Kasich will be tortured and the backing of Clinton will be perfunctory.


Anonymous said...

A true democrat would vote for Kasich.
A left wing kook would vote for Sanders or Clinton.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

A "true" GOPer would support Trump.

A "right-wing" whacko will support Cruz.

Gas chamber or firing squad analogy.