Saturday, April 16, 2016

Normally People Like to be VIP's.....But Not Today

   The fracture in the local GOP over the Presidential primary was evident at the Trump rally. Several Republican luminaries were cleared for the pre event VIP photo session with the candidate but only Chairman Scott Gray, Assembly aide Brian Peck, Assembly candidate Run Finley and the Lewis County Sheriff took part.
    I saw two time Congressional candidate Matt Doheny there and he certainly should have been afforded a photo op, as should former chair Carolyn Fitzpatrick who was there. A majority of the Jefferson County GOP Committee recently endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich.
     Elected officials not there included Senator Ritchie and Assemblyman Blankenbush. Mayor Joe Butler Jr. did show up towards the end of the speech.  County Legislator James Nabywaniec was there.  I didn't see any other elected officials, but former Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson was on hand.
     There are 14 Republican county legislators. Maybe some of them feared violence would erupt.  


Anonymous said...

Why would THREE time Congressional candidate Doheny be afforded anything?? He's nobody special. Big Deal. You'd think he'd fade away by now. What's up his sleeve this time?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be mean but why do you think Matt Doheny should have gotten a photo op? He was never elected. To anything. And the one thing he did do, the library board, was a total disaster, ultimately ending in a "mutually agreed upon separation". His popularity has does nothing but fall and fall hard over the 5 years during his 4 consecutive but failed runs for Congress and now has very little influence. Just because he said he supported Trump doesn't mean anyone listened. My neighbor was very vocal about his support for Trump, and he said it well before Doheny, but by no means would he ever think that he was entitled to a photo op with Trump because of it. Doheny is just a citizen. A citizen who is less engaged in our community than the average citizen. I do not think he is entitled to anything. I don't think he was even entitled to the coverage he received when he announced his endorsement.

In my opinion, he has turned out to be one gigantic disappointment for the Republican Party and shouldn't be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Elise wasn't there either.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Democracy in Dribs and Drabs!"

People got in line to pass through Airport Security in 'Dribs & Drabs' yesterday, or if you prefer by the two, three, fours and fives. There were families, or couples and plenty of groups, looking forward to seeing Mr. Trump in person. Mr. Trump is now the voice, for the voiceless amongst us, who have been ignored by a GOP Party Establishment that ignored him at the Airport Rally.

Great! We've been ignoring the GOP Party Establishment for well over a decade ourselves, in short, "We don't need NYS RNC Chair ED Cox or his local incarnation in Jefferson County to attend a Trump Rally. What have they done for Trump? Nothing!

WDY Reportage included comments from Mayor Graham:

Former Watertown Mayor Jeffrey E. Graham was also at the rally supporting Mr. Trump.

“(Mr. Trump) is the best shot as far as shaking up the country, bringing some business sense to the White House,” Mr. Graham said. “I just look at the other candidates and I just don’t see a lot there. I think he will do a good job.” WDT

I volunteered for Trump yesterday at the Airport! Yes, service is its own reward, and many others felt the same way, as we performed various mundane tasks, to help things run more smoothly.

I simply advised people to be ready to go through security, and have their pockets cleared of metal objects, etc. This kept me busy until Mr. Trump was already on stage and speaking. I caught most of his comments and was familiar with them, because I pay attention to what Mr. Trump says, to people like me and you.

And what Trump says is pure poetry to Working Class people. Mr. Trump tells us we're going to start winning again, and that he has a plan to stabilize our economy, and bring back investment money and jobs to our manufacturing verticals.

In short: "Trump will fight to get the Middle-Class to work at decent paying jobs. The types of jobs where your kid goes to College and you have a retirement fund working for you.

Vote this election day, and consider Donald J. Trump, he's your champion!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

I drove by several times and seeing all the cars and energy, it warmed my heart, like when I see the church parking lots filled with cars on my way to breakfast on Sunday mornings. But in this case there was a part of me that wanted to be there. Not bad enough to actually go, but still tempted. There were stands set up on the road and I was tempted to pull over and buy a souvenir of the event. Hee hee...I even saw a black woman working at one of the stands. But I fear the potential violence of free stuff voters against me, if one of them were to see me with a piece of Trump memorabilia.

I hear more and more people admitting they support this Trump guy and it makes me wonder if the media is pushing a narrative that Trump is hated more than he actually is. I, for one would, love to see a centered uniter like Trump get into office, after suffering the terrible caustic current occupier, who has poisoned our country going on 8 years. Have you noticed That Trump does not constantly talk about how terrible the other party is? And the only time he talks about how terrible my party is, is when he is talking about specific opponents and the unfair way he is treated.

I don't hold it against Trump that a few local RINO's were in attendance. But I do worry because Graham seldom supports a winner. Harvard Gal noted exception.

Anonymous said...

I understand Addie not showing up but only because of party loyality. Ritchie and Blankenbush Griffo and little could have shown a little courtesy instead of trying to show their distain to their constituants. Elise Stefanik also showed she is classless when it comes to her constituants in avoiding what is eventually to be and that is she will throw her support to the canidate whomever the elite of the party crown the canidate.
These are the exact people who Trump is critizing, the establishment politicans.. They know only one way, its the party way. Nothing can change unless the elite ok it. No one of them can stand against the establishment less they be banned from the elite. No new ideas, heaven forbid they may work, how dare you try to help ;your constituants without our permission.
Trump would help the poorer and middle class the establishment would try and balance the budgets on the shoulders of these same people. Trump would close our borders and things like entry and citizenship would be done right, the establishment wants to make border crossings faster and more convenient for people some of who would come here to harm us. Trump dosnt need special interests and lobbist where these people wouldnt know how to operate without them..
Most of the people I just named are not deserving of re-election and for these very reasons not because of non-attendance to this rally but because they do not have the middle class or poor peoples intersts at heart and never will.
These people would never agree or try and get bills passed that would clean up our government locally statewide, or nationally nor would they attempt to transform our crooked election system which has been corrupted by the likes of Bushes, Clintons, Karl Roves, Koch Brothers... These people would only continue to kiss the asses of this type of people but ignore Rich people who really want to help us the middle to poor class..

Anonymous said...

10:38... Actually it's FOUR! You're probably forgetting the 2009 special election. But that was when the republican candidate was picked, not elected. The counties reps picked Scozzafava. Doheny ran too but because there was no primary no one really knew who the alternate candidates were.

Anonymous said...

Useless don coon endorsement obviously kiss of death. Thanks Patti for supporting your base. Remember we put you in. We can take you out