Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie Sure Did Win a Lot of Counties - The New York Times

    A look at the map of yesterday's Democratic primary looks different from the result..but the problems Hillary Clinton has outside the base...outside the firewall is symptomatic of something.
    The maps in this NY Times story show how pervasive support for Bernie Sanders was among people like us.....But in the Democratic Party the numbers are in counties you can tally on two hands.
New York Primary Election Results 2016 - The New York Times


Anonymous said...

This is not good for Addie.

Anonymous said...

Sanders is a socialist. This is a capitalist nation! He promised freebies to all. Your taxes will be at least tripled! Yes, free education would be great but not by socialism! People come to the U.S. to escape their socialist nations!

Anonymous said...

We already have 13 years of free education