Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Mayor Works on Building Relationships

  Mayor Joseph Butler has kicked off the fence around the fountain project on Public Square by forging an alliance with the NNY Community Foundation for this and other projects in the City.
   Dr. Jason White has been pushing for the fence and makes the case for restoring it. These kind of little projects are ways the public can get involved and Dr. White deserves a listen on this.
    In his first 100 days, the Mayor has worked on building relationships and doing PR for the City, and after resolving the concession issue, surely hopes to move on.


Anonymous said...

He built a great relationship by tearing down the bar because the roof blew off. And ignoring the NSIL and offering no help, because its on the north side. And I am sure Parks and Rec love him and the owners of Maggie's too. Its just us tax payers that hate him.

Anonymous said...

Good to see some positive leadership from Mayor Butler.

Anonymous said...

Great to see Mr. Butler doing well in the job. Great choice for Watertown. The DPAO announced a show today...where would we be in the arena world if it weren't for them?? The Arena had nothing to do getting that act. Not one penny comes from the city. Thanks again to Mr. Rich for bringing quality acts to Watertown. It would be nice to see some rock and roll and metal acts as well like there were a few years back.