Monday, April 18, 2016

LTE: Sullivan Hearts Hillary - NY Daily News

    Longtime operative, long ago Mayor of Oswego, one time Andy critic and overnight an Andy advocate, author, former assistant AG, proud father, lawyer, bon vivant and man about town John Sullivan has taken to the NY Daily News to tell us as an oldster he has spurned ideology for practicality and as such is voting for Secretary Clinton tomorrow.

     John, it's not because you are practical, it's because you are part of the establishment.

April 17: Hillary, Bernie, The Donald and more - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

I heard him for a few minutes on your radio show a while ago and if nothing else he came off as smart and a spin doctor. I believe when he supports Hillary it is practical for far as his own interests are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Like the golfer, no one would expect him to bend over for anyone buy Hillary. He's fully owned.