Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Looking Ahead

          Ann Coulter on Hardball ?  What will they think of next ?
           I am watching the exit poll numbers and the answers to the questions seem to suggest a Cruz win and maybe even Clinton since 59% of Democrats say she is honest.
          We will see.
            Bernie Sanders is already in Laramie ,WY getting ready for the Saturday caucus that he should win. Not a lot of votes there but it fills in the map on the news nicely.
            Hillary Clinton spent the day in NYC shoring up her firewall.
             Media has the narrative set. If Sanders wins, they will argue it's too small a margin and that Wisconsin doesn't count because it's mostly white.
             A new Daily News interview is being touted as evidence Mr. Sanders is thin on issues.
             A Trump loss will be spun as the beginning of the end, and Lyin' Ted will be portrayed as becoming acceptable to the mainstream of the party as he promotes unity.
            The NY primary is a lock for Mrs. Clinton. When you look at all the Democratic elected officials, their families and operatives and hangers on.....they all have to vote where their bread is buttered.  I think Sanders wins the Teachout counties, but the Bronx makes up for all of those.
            Mr. Trump looks good in NY as there is no party hierarchy to gang up on him. I mean really, what important Republican is there whose endorsement would matter ? And he already has Carl Paladino.
           One local Republican announced for Trump today....Russ Finley, the only announced Assembly candidate in the 116th came out for him today on the HOTLINE. 
            Last month, party activist and former Congressional candidate Matt Doheny announced support for Trump. No one else has said a peep.


Anonymous said...

Russ, Matt, please go away you both are an embarrassment.

Trumper wouldn't even acknowledge either of your endorsements.

Can you say Finley, Doheny and the Middle Class Clown, what a trio.

Anonymous said...

7:15, what could you possibly be talking about?

Anonymous said...

715.. Your entitled to ;your opinion even a wrong one... Stefanik, Ritchie, Blankebush Griffo and Little all remaining silent like good little Puppykins should until their strings all pulled and their told what to do.The Republican party is an shambles and these people do nothing to improve its image.

Anonymous said...

9:27 Grammar and spelling Pleassssssse!