Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WDT: Lewis County Continues to Worry About SNIRT Run

      The SNIRT run attracts people who take to the countryside knowing they will get dirty, face iffy spring weather and be inconvnienced is many ways. Yet people go and enjoy their day of roughing it on their four wheelers because that's what they want to do.
      Every year I read stories about how government has to regulate it, massage it, fester over it and in some instances get rid of it.
      It seems to be one of those events that exists in spite of government.
      Lewis County has a small industry in outdoors activities and should embrace it all by leaving it alone.
      People participate in these type of things to get away from modern life.  They don't want more fees, roadblocks, tickets or permits.
       People talk about this event the way the do Christmas. Just let them enjoy their day outdoors.


Anonymous said...

Legislature Chairman John Burke, David Fosythe and Travis Dann should resign with Mary Rain.

Legislature electing Burke as Chairman was a big mistake. He's no leader and not even a good follower. Forsyte and Dann are just grandstanding. They already knew how the vote would end up.

Joseph R. Lightfoot was the Chairman and should have been reelected.
He was blindsided by politics and lost to Burke. Lightfoot was a leader and still is. Just not the Chairman.

Mary Rain must be removed but I believe she'll resign rather than face the Investigation.

Skeletons in a closet never go away.

Anonymous said...

They can't cause the middle class white men have been emasculated and are told by their significant partner how to think. How to treat gays, straight, bi, trani, whiteys, blacks, browns, purple, maybe those who think they can be pink, what to read, to believe their kids shouldn't question the crap they eat in school cause Moocheel while eating fries, pizza, ribs won't allow you to have good old fashion food. To listen to little Chelsea come lately telling us that her 'Mom' is the only one that knows what is right about society and the rules she wishes to implement and that your guns are to be taken away.

Middle Class Men can't just have a day to go an have a good time, cause the pc authorities believe they aren't entitled to this type of enjoyment, it disenfranchises the individuals that don't enjoy this type of entertainment and that would be not good for your Mr. Rogers' neighbor self esteem.

To all those man gendered fathers, (not the lesbian pretend male partner) please take your boys out and let them raise ruckus.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about the 'SNIRT' run. Why can't the reporters do their job and describe what SNIRT is and means. This writer knows that must happen so all readers understand your article!

Anonymous said...

If the golfers of the world get their way, everything we do will require a fee, a permit, or at the very least a bribe. We do seem to like it that way. Long live dictator Benito, or a clone, as it were.

Anonymous said...

You talk about them as if they are a just a bunch of Audobon bird watchers out for an innocent hike and are set upon and terrorized by the big bad government.While it is true that most are careful and cognizant of safety,there are always some in any large gathering that are going to push things,by drinking too much,breaking common sense safety rules,and destroying property.I would expect someone that led a fair sized city to understand the government has a role in protecting the safety and rights of all,not just the participants but passersby and landowners up there as well.

Anonymous said...

Then I wonder why JeffCo Sheriff's Dept. has a Snowmobile and ATV's? Maybe the SNIRT run will come to Jefferson County?? At the old landfill on Water St.?

Anonymous said...

Let them enjoy their day outdoors, legally.. if they drink and make it unsafe for others, arrest them, if they speed too fast and make it unsafe for others, arrest them, if they are using an unregistered or uninsured ATV, arrest them, that protects the others from having to fight the legal hurdle of the low life who thinks he/she can ride with no insurance. Make all the rules the same and stop crabbing. Its the states rules we choose to follow by taking part in the SNIRT. Its no different when we say the AMISH should have safety lights or triangles on their buggies. If they don't want them, then stay off our roads.. Same goes for you.