Thursday, April 7, 2016

Let's Enjoy A NY Slugfest !

    Stop already with the fake angst about the "gloves being off" in the Democratic race. One pinhead anchor today was saying criticizing Hillary Clinton is sexist, while all on TV are so sensitive.
    It's competitive politics and when I go to a rally I want red meat......Nowadays one spicy statement and it gets analyzed and pined over by people so worried about hurt feelings.
    The republic will survive some volleys between Mrs. Clinton and Senator Sanders. It's about ideas and ambition and I like to see them going at it.
    We all get over it. I have in races I've been involved with and I respect the results even if I don't like them.
     But these reporters and pundits these days are nothing but sissies and wimps.  Time to man up, woman up and enjoy the discourse..It's New Yawwwk !


Anonymous said...

Wants going on with Trump is not politics its pipe dreams and a side show are we that sad that reality show people are going to run our country. Come on people wake the hell up. You don't want another black man you don't want a women but you will vote for an asshole that can't buy good hair. Its nice to hear about everything he will do but he won't tell you how . Do you really think Mexico will build a fence no. Put women in jail for abortion no. So America wake up. Big money runs the world the elections are a big puppet show to shut us up and make us happy make us seem like we have a say so in the process.

Anonymous said...

Bernie doesn't have any kids. Hmmmm.....he's not a family man. He has no family.