Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jefferson County Jail's Overcrowding Problem Solved? | WWNY TV 7 - News,

         Maybe something has been done right ?  Has Sheriff O'Neill swung critics to her side by solving the outboarding of prisoners issue ?
During 2014 Campaign

          Good for her....and she did a good job on the Trump rally.....Just get rid of the tank and we're all set.

Friday Night: Jefferson County Jail's Overcrowding Problem Solved? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS, Colleen.
You are and have proven to be a great leader and accomplish what you say and know is right.
Maybe the City can look at your decisions and make the right ones here too. Hire more people and ultimately the overtime goes DOWN!!!! What a coincidence. They just don't fill positions and then blame the departments for a raise in the overtime. Things need to get done.
Kudos to you and your department.

Anonymous said...

Burns is the one that remodeled space in the jail to make it hold a few more people, thus reducing the need to outsource and transport. But who cares...give the credit to the trooper babe.
But today we read that the sheriff's department will protect and serve by giving two free boater safety courses. Even though the Barkley Lad made it easy to take these courses on line. Your tax dollars at work. Is there anyway we could get some OT for the fire department out of this?

Anonymous said...

O'Neill for Mayor!!

Anonymous said...

We have been very fortunate not have had an active shooter incident here in this area. However, if it ever happens, that support vehicle you call a tank might just save officers lives.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right 348.....Or think about this Sheriff's dept starting a database on young children........Like the photos taken of the Sheriff's Det. where are they?

Anonymous said...

Better keep a trickle charge on the battery

Max Volume said...

So, let me try to get this straight. It's now the Probation Department's responsibility to try to keep people out of jail so that 'outboarding' is at a minimum which makes the local Sheriff look good in the eyes of the county.

They just quadrupled the workload for P.O.'s and decided that the bad guys should be out on the streets instead of in jail.


Anonymous said...

Boo hoo hoo 231. Bush-I-Lost moved back home. Why don't you follow him? ;)