Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's the Green Rain People Are Looking At Now

     The medical examiner isn't the only one picking at the carcass following the sudden death of Prince. A huge personal fortune and who knows how much unpublished material is in the estate, but with no current spouse, no children and his parents long passed, the music icon's fortune is in doubt.
    There is a younger sister, who could, if there is no will or trust, do well.


Anonymous said...

Just give the money to Bernie's supporters. They deserve it. And his private jet too. They could use that to jet off to the next carbon summit. Prince was an environmental advocate dontchaknow.

Anonymous said...

Also in the Times today we learned that:
“SUNY Canton has a zero tolerance policy on any form of sexual assault,”

That is really sticking their necks out huh? Not even a 1% tolerance?

Other than the fact that they purposely recruit students with criminal backgrounds, they sound completely believable and earnest in that statement.

Ray said...

I seem to remember he wanted me to have a million or two. 😁

Anonymous said...

Prince was an entertainer not a god. Get over it.