Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It Starts With Looking Like a Winner

  Stagecraft matters. The Cruz VP announcement was lame visually. A few dozen people on risers with flat lighting..  Tonight's Trump rally in Indianapolis had a  big crowd. many of whom were behind the candidate.
    The lighting was first rate and the candidate jumped out of the crowd which was lit subdued and in a different color temperature. At the Watertown rally I noticed from the other side of the hangar how Mr. Trump jumped out in detail even to my old eyes.
     Now you say you don't're concerned about the "issues".  Well no one ever heard a sermon without first deciding to go in the church and so it is with politics. To pay attention you need to be visually hooked.
      Last night at the Trump rally, the sound got screwed up. I'd hate to be the guy responsible for that...and all right there in Trump Tower.   Ouch !

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Anonymous said...

Ha! If looks mattered, we wouldn't be stuck with the dregs we have to choose from!