Thursday, April 21, 2016

If Square Miles Were Votes

     Here's that map I told you about earlier put together by the NY Times. The green is Bernie Sanders territory which offers some perspective on the Democratic race. Considering New York's rules, the upstate discriminatory poll hours, and that all the party brass was behind Hillary Clinton, I am not so sure Senator Sander's 42% showing in NY justifies all the media calls for him to stand down.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...somewhat surprised that Hillary didn't carry Albany as well as the other I-90 metropolises. Too close to VT maybe.

hermit thrush said...

what media is calling for sanders to "stand down"? of the people i read, many or most of whom lean clinton, virtually everyone thinks he should stay in it.

Anonymous said...

If square miles were votes we never would see a dummycrat get elected...ever. Red states take up most of the country. Its just a few blue on the left and right, full of people, that ruin everything.