Saturday, April 30, 2016

GOP women push Trump on VP pick | TheHill

    Senator Kelly Ayotte,  Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Governor Susana Martinez....Just some of the names floated for a Trump running mate.

    Question is would anyone take it given the widespread belief the ticket may fail ? Hard to turn down the opportunity and nominating a strong woman with a range of experience like the three mentioned would be a good balance.

     A mistake would be any of the losing Presidential hopefuls, save Kasich who at least made it a ways into the process and can deliver a state with value.

     Mistakes would be Governor Christie or former Speaker Gingrich. OK for some other post but  bad for VP.

      With Trump locking down the nomination (1002 delegates now), running mate talk will start.

GOP women push Trump on VP pick | TheHill

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