Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GOP on Verge of Losing Skelos Seat

     Democrats may have scored an upset as Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky was leading by 780 votes or one percentage point in the special election to fill the Senate seat of scandal ridden Senator Dean Skelos who was forced to leave his seat.
     Mr. Kaminsky declared victory. There are surely absentees but his lead is significant and loss of the seat was a major setback for the GOP which clings to power in the upper house.


Anonymous said...

In other words the GOP caved to Cuomo on everything and they still lost. You would think they would get tired of losing even after they roll over. You would think they would at least figure out that is why they lose.

Anonymous said...

6:55 Agree, what a disgrace. Flanagan agreed to Cuomo promises not to campaign in that district and gave him $15.00 min wage and the 3 month family leave paid act. The peeps voted with their feet and failed to show for Flanagan.

Where is Joe Bruno when we need him.