Friday, April 15, 2016

German Mega Brothel Raided For Taxes, Not Sex - BBC News

        It isn't what was going on, it's that the brothel owners were not paying the German equivalent of FICA for sex workers they had tried to pass off as independent contractors.   So 900 cops swoop down on the mega brothel called Artemus.
        And over here we are debating whether you can have a mimosa with brunch on a Sunday morning in Sackets. New York values are not as permissive as Senator Cruz would have you believe.
Germany trafficking: Mass police raid on Berlin mega-brothel - BBC News


Anonymous said...

900 cops and 6 arrests. What were all the others doing? Bet the Jefferson County Sheriffs are following this one closely

Anonymous said...

I thought that was the funniest thing too. 900 cops, five arrests. It's nice to know the police in other nations have nothing to do as well.

Anonymous said...

Did they find Spitzer there?