Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friday Night Politics in Briar Hill

   A political note.  The GOP's 2014 Assembly candidate in the River District is said to have appeared with his family last night at a fish fry in Briar Hill.  John Byrne was widely thought to want to mount a second run at Assemblywoman Addie Russell after coming within 90 votes last time.
     However, little evidence of a campaign has been seen. Mr. Byrne was handing out campaign literature and is confidently telling party regulars he has the C line locked up in a likely race against former bobsledder Russ Finley. On May 5th SLC Conservatives headed by Hank Ford meet to make a recommendation to the State Chair for the Wilson-Pakula.
Russ Finley at Today's Gun Show in Clayton
     Earlier I had been given the impression the GOP had given up on the race this time around as Ms. Russell has tuned up her act and it is a Presidential year where Democratic leaning turnout is up.
      It's funny how little interest there is in a race like this given the results from last time.


Anonymous said...

He is like Doheny. If he couldn't win with all the stars lined up, he can't win during a normal year. Plus, no republican really wants him anyway.

Anonymous said...

Finley was the spoiler last time. No thanks. Also, if he were a man of principle, he'd have stuck with the Conservative Party.
No good, party hopping, opportunist!