Friday, April 1, 2016

Formalities Done Very Perfunctorily.

   Just a techincality but the budget bills will be all passed by later today, although the details are agreed to before lawmakers come in to do their part.
   Again this year there was griping the bills were not available till the last minute.

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Anonymous said...

You have to love the part about the "tax cuts" that don't take place until some future date (and will surly be rescinded by then). Didn't this bumbling governor just do the same thing last budget? It seems every budget contains some lie about the future that either has not chance of happening or is purposely not going to happen. Like the part about having the wage board look at the upstate wage before allowing it to go to $15. The same people that already raised fast food to $15 this summer.

Did any business owners calculate how much $12.50 comes to per text message yet? Observing that your average teenager texts from work ten times per hour, it comes to $1.25 per text. Not a bad gig compared to the days when the Duff used to work fast food and actually had to work, huh?