Saturday, April 9, 2016

For NNY a Vote for Kasich is a Vote for Cruz and the Establishment

     The promotion of John Kasich by the local GOP establishment (as reported by Channel 7, not me) is a clear manifestation of the Stop Trump movement. Local party leaders are pushing the Friday Kasich rally and have spurned a possible Trump appearance north of Syracuse, by refusing to help find a venue.
      With Lyin' Ted unable to do well here, getting Kasich over 20% will get him one of the three delegates, which is the establishment goal.  


Anonymous said...

The establishment certainly has opened my eyes this year. I have witnessed their corruption from the begining of this election cycle. I have learned one thing with both parties.
Your vote does not count. Only the wish of the elite in Washington counts. They feel we as a nation have to be led and they are doing this now with the un-named Pacs against Trump and Bernie on the other side. Superdelegates that are the establishments way of padding the chosen ones. The ability to put delegates into the column of people who actually lost states.. WOW..
They I think back to the election in 1999 when AL Gore was duly elected president by over 600,000 votes only to have it taken away when a Florida Governor named Bush declared 90,000 votes invalid for various reasons and the Bush appointed Supreme Court ruled in favor of this (only to admit later they were wrong). This was all done to assure their canidate also named Bush won so they could have the power. This group about a year and a half later pulled off the crime of the century on whats known as 911.. This is what all politics has become. Our votes dont count and its time to wake up folks and acknowledge this

Anonymous said...

If you are a true conservative, you really have no viable option in 2016. Despite his RINO-ish history, Kasich is an appealing option from the aspect that he has experience in both the legislative and executive branches. Unfortunately, he just doesn't have the draw or appeal to be a viable contender. We could (and will) do a lot worse than Kasich but, in the end, he will not be the nominee.

Anonymous said...

There are no true conservatives that post to this blog.

Anonymous said...

I like to think I am.... :-)

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I am not a Republican but I have voted GOP several times ... in my view, John Kasich is the only adult GOPer in the room at the present time. He is level-headed, rational, and focused on the job of being presidential and not just winning primary and insulting as many people along the way as possible.

But, hey what do I know about GOP politics other than local ranting and raving.