Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finding Ways to Fail. A Bad Habit We Need to Break

    Rumors are out that Plattsburgh was nixed  because the local government was so uncooperative.  Let's hope Watertown doesn't behave the same way .We need to extend the welcome mat to anyone wanting to pay attention to us .


Middle-Class Mike said...

Why would the Conservative Brain trust up here support Donald J. Trump, when they feel he's anti-establishment, and doesn't owe them anything? They probably won't, but we the voters will certainly support Trump! I guess that puts us at odds with everything the Conservative Brain trust stands for around here! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

otherwords1 said...

What you say is very true. But it does NOT help when a crisis like 257 people from two paper products companies lose jobs and NO federal official, nor our Governor come to the help of these people to keep the companies in business. Both Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer came to make sure Alcoa stayed there when IT threatened to close. Where was ANY Federally elected official and our governor when the paper companies closed to save THESE jobs?
That includes both Senators and our Congresswoman. Stefanik "commented" that a lowering of a corporate tax would help employees LIKE THESE, but never showed up to actually save the jobs in Carthage and Lowville.
None of them have given solutions to provide adequate employment for citizens in Watertown other than "making sure Drum is funded".

Anonymous said...

The people who gave us Bill Owens are not rolling out the red carpet for Trump? Why not? Trump said he supports government healthcare. Oh wait...isn't there a teacher college over there somewhere? That explains it.

Anonymous said...

NYers view themselves as extremely sophisticated. The rest of the nation views us a pompous buttheads. Do the math.