Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Final Thoughts

      Syracuse was an area where the GOP establishment went all out to defeat Donald Trump and it seems efforts by the County Exec and a former MOC did peel off one three delegates in NY24 for John Kasich.
       Decorum and brevity came to Mr. Trump last night with an eight minute victory speech and references to his remaining opponents as Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich.
        Mr. Trump looks ahead today with a trip to Indianapolis where a crucial showdown in early May.


Anonymous said...

You can't polish a turd JEFF. The two biggest liars won last nite and America lost.

Anonymous said...

I got all warm fuzzy and felt tingles down my leg when they called the Beast NY's adopted daughter.

Put her in cuffs and and orange jumpsuit, for that matter her cell mate can be Huma, god knows Billy can't stand the sight of her.

What has happened to America?

Anonymous said...

Me, All I want to know if Trump blocked SG, Doheny and Middle Low Class congratulatory calls last evening.

He used you boys! Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Syracuse GOP supported Trump so I question the all out attack on Trump in Syracuse

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

T-rump is retooling himself after NY and heading the "center/left" and at this rate with his shift, he may not leave any room for a HILL type in the left-middle.

Trump is a very slick guy ... a true expert with very savvy PR skills to be a super salesman about himself and one huge Flim-flam artist.